Muni Thankful For Continued Infrastructure Funding


Chatham-Kent is among more than 400 small, rural communities getting some provincial support when it comes to beefing up area roads and bridges.

Province-wide, $200-million is being doled out through the latest installment of money through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund.

Director of Infrastructure and Engineering, Chris Thibert says although the initial announcement was made back in 2017, the municipality is thankful for the stability the funding provides.

“There’s definitely a lot of cuts on the table that we’re having to work with and try to find a way to work around, understanding that the province is still putting forward money to assist the municipalities with infrastructure demands, because that is of course one of our biggest challenges in maintaining all of the assets that we have.”

This year, Chatham-Kent will be receiving $5.3 million.

We applied this towards our budget towards improving our municipal assets, including our bridges and roads, and we did account for this in our budget preparations, we’reĀ  glad to hear it’s been confirmed and approved so we can continue to utilize this resource for our projects for 2020.”