Eugénie Congi, incoming Director of Education at Conseil scolaire catholique Providence.

The local French Catholic School Board will soon be under new leadership

The Conseil scolaire catholique Providence has announced Eugénie Congi will take over the role of Director of Education and Secretary, effective Wednesday, June 22nd.

“We are pleased to welcome Eugénie Congi to the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence and would like to congratulate her on this appointment as Director of Education,” said Doris Sauvé, Chair of the Csc Providence Board. “Her experience in the fields of education and technology will certainly be an asset that will allow Csc Providence to continue its journey towards excellence.”

Congi has over 26 years of experience in the education sector, with 12 years as a senior executive that included the positions of Director of Education and Supervisory Officer.

“I am extremely pleased and humbled to accept the position of Director of Education at the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence and I am very excited about the challenges that await me,” said Mrs. Congi. “In collaboration with our school communities and partners, we will continue our efforts to support the well-being, skills development and success of every student and will foster non-discriminatory environments by focusing on equity, diversity, inclusiveness and respect within our schools.”

Congi replaces Joseph Picard, who will remain with the board until the end of August to ensure a smooth transition ahead of the 2022-23 school year.