Following pushback from local residents and no guarantee of approval from upper levels of government, a floating water park that was proposed for Erieau Beach may be shifting to a new location.

Earlier this month, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent announced that Aqua City intended to install one of its water parks a few hundred feet from the shoreline of the beach.

The park would consist of a series of obstacle courses, slides, trampolines and other activities that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Ward 2 Councillor Ryan Doyle said Aqua City is currently waiting on approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources before it can install the water park at Erieau. As well, he said some residents have voiced their opposition to the water park being installed at the beach.

As a result, Doyle said Aqua City and the municipality have approached the Lower Thames Conservation Authority to propose installing the inflatable park in a pond at C.M. Wilson Conservation Area, instead

“There are some issues we still need to work our way through, but if Erieau doesn’t work… then we might have a backup plan,” said Doyle.

Doyle noted that a final decision on either location has not been made.

Owner and Operator Sam Tudorica said while both locations have their advantages, C.M. Wilson has become her preferred choice within the municipality.

“I like how they’re willing to work with us, I like how excited they are. I like that it’s a safer option because of the water quality and wave action… it feels more secure, she said. “It’s also good to have a backup plan, just in case,”

To move forward at CM Wilson, Aqua City would only require approval from the LTVCA Board of Directors.

“Wherever we put it, I think it will be great for Chatham-Kent,” said Doyle.

Tudorica said she is hoping to have the Aqua City park up and running  at one of the locations sometime in June.