Ward 4

Jessica Brooks

I am Jessica Brooks and I am running for a seat on council to represent Ward 4.  I am married to Paul who works in the greenhouse industry and have three children age 15, 18, 20.  I live in the former Chatham Township and have been directly affected by the water issues in this Ward.

I want to be a voice for the people of Ward 4 when it comes to the issue of clean drinking water and finding solutions for people who do not have access to clean water on their property.  I also believe that we need more affordable telecommunications (internet, phone, tv) out in the rural areas.  This is a barrier for students and businesses in rural Ward 4.

For all of Chatham Kent I would champion projects around adolescent and child mental health, both preventative and treatment.  Part of that plan would be to have affordable access to recreation and art programs for everyone in every town of Chatham-Kent.

I have a background in Education and am currently principal of the new school in Wallaceburg.  I am a person of integrity and I would be honoured to represent the hard working people of Ward 4.

Joey Cyples

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Joe Faas

Political Experience – 36 years on Council, 21 years on the former Dresden council as councillor, Deputy Reeve, Reeve and 8 years as Mayor, and 15 years on Chatham-Kent Council, and have served on many committees such as Dresden Police Service Board, PUC commission, Planning Board, St. Clair Conservation Authority and Current Chair of the Chatham-Kent Health Board.

Why am I running for Council – I have enjoyed serving on council for the past 36 years and feel I have a great deal to offer with my knowledge, experience and past history so I can make the right decisions to move Chatham-Kent in the right direction.

What skills experience and talents you feel you have to bring to the position. – I have 36 years of council experience, served on many committees, able to work with my colleagues, administration, community groups, having and able to listen to my constituents to understand their issues and do my best to resolve them. I also know and love my community and feel I can continue to represent in an honest and positive way.

Jamie McGrail

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Dylan Robert McLay

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Steve Scott

I am Director of Technology for a Point of Sale software company with sales worldwide. I was born and raised in Chatham and live just outside of Pain Court. In my off time I enjoy spending time with my family growing and picking vegetables for our two successful Vegetable stands.

I am running for council so I can have an active role in shaping the future of the city for my children and grandchildren. I also believe that the needs of the people of Chatham-Kent, along with the infrastructure, have been completely ignored by the current council. I think that a new fresh council is the answer to the problems of Chatham-Kent; a council that will not work behind closed doors and will be open to new ideas from the citizens of Chatham-Kent.

Things I would like to accomplish while in office include; ensuring everyone in Chatham-Kent has access to clean drinking water, reducing the size and pay of council, reallocating police resources to reduce crime, repairing our crumbling infrastructure and putting an end to wasteful spending.

For more information on my platform visit my web page at https://www.chathamkentelection.com or Facebook page StevenScottWard4.

Patricia Sylvain

I am business-minded, having managed multiple teams to achieve positive results.  I have created and managed multi-million dollar budgets and projects, and am proud to say I have always been able to meet my budget. I know difficult decisions must be made, and I have the ability to prioritize to ensure bottom-line results. I am accountable, hard-working, and because I now work part-time, have time to commit to the demands of being a councillor.

I’m a life-long resident of Chatham-Kent and have lived in Ward 4 for over 40 years.  I’m married to a farmer; therefore, I understand the importance of infrastructure within the rural communities – we need to keep our roads and bridges in good shape. Pumping schemes and drainage are topics about which I am familiar.   Much of my work experience has been in Healthcare – Hospital, Retirement Homes and LTC. I have served as President on both National and Provincial non-profit Boards, where I honed my leadership skills. My knowledge of budgets and my determination to press for answers are what this municipality needs. I’m a good listener with a broad range of business experience and knowledge to get the job done.  Visit patriciasylvain.ca for more information.

Mary Anne Udvari

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