weownit2Several Chatham-Kent residents went to visit MPP Rick Nicholls yesterday afternoon, in hopes that he will protect Ontario’s assets.

Jordan McGrail from the We Own It Campaign says privatization of Ontario’s assets affects everyone.

She says, “There are several things that can happen when something gets privatized. One of the big things is that we lose an asset. As a province, we have to fund our services, so with a money-making machine like Hydro One or the LCBO, the funds that are generated from those assets are used to pay for things we enjoy and need, like hospitals, schools, and roads.”

At their meeting yesterday, Nicholls said he echoes their concerns, and that keeping these services public ensures that our communities are safe, healthy and prosperous.

“Rick believes that strong public services keep our the communities healthy, safe, and prosperous,” McGrail says.

“He knows that the privatization of things like Hydro One hurts our communities,” says McGrail, “We’re very pleased to see Rick pledge to do what he can to stop the sale of Hydro One, and to in-source what’s already been sold off.”

McGrail says the campaign is province-wide and started last October.

More information about the campaign can be found on their website.