A municipal service review has some good takeaways, but Chatham-Kent’s mayor says there are no cookie cutter solutions.

The 162-page document, prepared by consulting firm KPMG, was presented to council Monday night.

Mayor Darrin Canniff says overall, the report showed the municipality is fairly efficient, but there is room for improvement.

“There’s a lot of things in the report and certainly council’s going to take this very seriously, we need to look at this, we want to be more efficient or as efficient as we can with the taxpayer’s dollars.”

One cost-saving suggestion in the report was to reduce the number of municipal assets. Right now, Chatham-Kent owns 350 buildings and property which could be consolidated to save on maintenance and other expenses.

Canniff says council and administration will spend the next few months looking over the suggestions to find which ones work best for Chatham-Kent.