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Objective Unknown is a relatively new (and young!) rock and roll band from Chatham.

The founding members Cole Mills (guitar/vocals), Dane Appleton (guitar/vocals) and Daryn Trainor (bass guitar/vocals) started to get together and cover songs in March 2009.

The three guys continued to jam together and decided to form a band. They began writing their own material, and played their first show in July 2009. The band was a three piece until around September, when they placed an ad looking for a drummer, and Saul Oosterhoff replied. The band auditioned Saul, and felt that Saul completed the group.

Objective Unknown then began recording their songs, and played many more shows.  Back in Febuary 2010, a new drummer was added as a core piece of the sound when Daryn recommended the group audition a friend, Hudson Cattoor. Objective Unknown recruited Hudson, and continued to play more shows.

Objective Unknown has been constantly recognized for their amount of energy and presence on stage, as well as the obvious – their music. Their tunes¬† have a 70’s guitar riff drive to them, but the boys also write alternative rock to interest the teenage generation and demographic.

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