At least one person is now facing charges following this week’s anti-lockdown rally in Chatham.

While no official details have been released about the charge, Chatham-Kent CAO Don Shropshire says it’s a complicated process.

“We had a number of staff that were present for the rally, there was also video taping done. They’re going through to confirm who was actually present,” Shropshire explains.

“It’s a Charter right for people to have the right to assemble, and it’s a Charter right for people to be able to protest. That in itself is not something that we had any difficulty with. The challenge was they were asked to do so in a way that was respecting the guidelines and restrictions that were put in place as a result of COVID.”

Between 200-300 people took part in the anti-lockdown rally in Tecumseh Park, organized by Independent MPP Randy Hiller and MP Derek Sloan. After the protest, Hiller took to social media, thanking Chatham-Kent for being so welcoming.

Shropshire says more charges are pending, but these things take time.

“For people to have some perspective, we have six months to lay charges and if you’re going to go through that process, you want to make sure that you’ve got your evidence all lined up and that you’re laying the appropriate charges given the circumstances.”

Shropshire says he’s expecting municipal bylaw enforcement officials to have more news to announce in the coming days.

Meantime, close to 30 charges have been laid under the Reopening Ontario Act in Chatham-Kent since the current stay at home order was put in place.