The Riverport Restaurant in downtown Wallaceburg is holding a fundraiser to benefit the family of Seth Nottley, beginning on Thursday morning.
Beginning at 8AM on Thursday, April 8th, fifty cents from every breakfast order and one dollar from every dinner will be donated to the family courtesy of the Riverport.
The fundraiser will run for the week, through Thursday, April 16th.
All funds will go directly to the Harris-Nottley family during their time of need.
Seth remains in hospital in London after the local ten-and-a-half-year-old went into cardiac arrest while on the playground at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Port Lambton on March 25th. Seth was rushed to the Wallaceburg hospital, where life saving measures were taken by hospital staff. Once stable, Seth was transferred to London, where he remains sedated and on a breathing tube.
Seth was born with cardio myopathy and later developed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
The fundraiser is TAKE OUT ONLY. The Riverport Restaurant is open from 8AM to 1PM daily and Thursday and Friday for supper form 4 to 7PM.