Sledge Hockey Boost from MLSE


The Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation is getting a boost after a big donation from the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Foundation.

Erika Minkhorst, Manager, Philanthropy and Operations with MLSE Foundation, Nancy Donnaperna, Communications Manager with Just Energy, Michael Grail, Chair of the Childrne’s Treatment Centre Foundation’s Board of Directors, and Carson Grail, Sledge Hockey participant.

The MLSE Foundation presented a $50,000 cheque at this weekend’s Leafs/Penguins game at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

The funds are going toward the Centre’s Sledge Hockey and Adapted Skating program, organized and delivered by Ashley Goure, a Recreation Therapist at the Children’s Treatment Centre, and captain of Team Canada’s Women’s Sledge Hockey Team.

The money is earmarked for replacement of old equipment, building a sled loaner program, and lower registration fees to allow more kids to take part.

Michael Grail, Chair of the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation Board of Directors, is thrilled with the MLSE Foundation’s donation.

“Their support of the CTC-CK’s Sledge Hockey and Adapted Skating Program allows kids with disabilities in Chatham-Kent to enjoy the game of hockey, just like their peers, to live their best life and reach their full potential.”

In all of Ontario, the MLSE Foundation awarded one Toronto Raptors Grant of $50,000 for a basketball program, one Toronto FC Grant of $50,000 for a soccer program, and one Toronto Maple Leafs Grant of $50,000 for a hockey/skating program.