Sled Zepplin and Snobi One Kenobi will be hitting the roads around Chatham-Kent this winter.

Mayor Darrin Canniff announced the 12 winning names for soon-to-be rebranded municipal snowplows this morning.

“We had nearly 6,000 votes for these names,” Canniff says. “In order, Anita Shovel, Gordie Plow, Blizzard of Oz, Darth Blader, Pillsbury Plowboy, and for the music fans, Sled Zepplin.”

Other winning names include Buzz Ice-Clear, the Qunuk, Flurrious George, School’s Not Cancelled, and Sleetwood Mac.

A couple of honourary names were also added into the mix, including Mountain, in honour of Dresden Jr Kings president and community supporter Dave “Mountain” Cameron.

Initially, the plan was to name six plows, but that was doubled as the municipality’s Let’s Talk CK website was inundated with suggestions.

The cost of creating and installing signs on each of the renamed snowplows will be covered by WINMAR.

There are nearly 100 snowplows in the municipal fleet, which can be tracked online through the winter – Chatham-Kent – Plows (