LONDON’S AIMEE ALLEN is featured ALL THIS WEEK on the #SPOTLIGHT – HEARD DAILY AT 11:30AM during WEEKDAZE with JAY. Check out the debut single “IT IS WHAT IT IS”, available now!

Performing on stages for nearly two decades, classically trained Pianist and Singer/Songwriter Aimee Allen has just taken the next step toward the spotlight. Now it’s her time to shine.
Most notably musically as an instrumentalist and back up singer for her husband and country singer Aaron Allen, this Tattoo artist and mom by day has a full plate but the sky is the limit.
“I’m really grateful for all I have but I still have this sound inside of me I just want the world to hear.” When the opportunity presented itself, it seemed like it was meant to be. “Sometimes I sing on demos and pitches that Aaron sends to his Producer Jeff Daiziel and his publishers at Arts and Crafts. I never thought it would go beyond that.” Dalziel and the head of publishing at Arts and Crafts Amy Elgin conveyed to Aaron they thought his wife had something undeniable and she should consider exploring that further.
Aaron told Aimee and at first reluctant, the seed grew and has now blossomed into a strong game plan with a strong team behind it and of course, a great song.
The debut single “It Is What It Is” was produced by multi-award winning and former Sony ATV staff Producer Jeff Dalziel who has seen his share of success in the country world producing artists such as Brett Kissel, Juno Award winners The Washboard Union and of course Aimee’s other half. But Jeff is no stranger to Pop and he was a guiding light on this journey. The song, co-written by Aimee’s husband Aaron is honest, raw and on par with today;s cutting edge pop acts. Although it’s a “debut” the years of experience come shining through in her smooth, confident and uniquely pleasing delivery.
Now as she journeys into the unknown, it’s up to the world to decide what’s next. With Apple Music excited to support and playlist the single, it’s fair to say “the sky really is the limit.”