christian-veghChristian Vegh has been referred to as a “young guitar prodigy with an old soul” the “type of young artist that will shape Canadian music for the next 50 years” and the “hottest young guitar player in the nation”. Christian was awarded the “Charles McDaniel Award” from the American/Canadian Federation of Musicians and was presented the award & scholarship at their 100th Convention. Vegh was also named to the “Brotherhood of the Guitar” and was Biz X International Magazine “Artist of the Year”.

Graduating Principal’s honor roll he attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Born in Detroit and raised in Windsor he has been working on many projects including writing and performing for Spectre Sound Studios gear reviews. “Can you play Metal on a Telecaster?” was featured in Guitar World, Guitar Player and Extreme Guitar Magazines after receiving half a million views in two weeks. He has been featured on many magazine covers, articles, television and radio shows and represented the United States on a Netherlands video with some of the top shredders from around the globe.

Christian performed at many festivals/venues such as NAAM-California, BB Kings-Nashville; The Berklee Performance Center -Boston; International Music Festival -New York; 4th Wall Productions- Joy Theatre; Sonny Rhodes Induction into the Canadian Blues Hall of Fame; Windsor Blues Fest, Headlined Passport to the World and at the International Children’s Games… In addition, Christian played in the Assumption Jazz band, won gold at the Regional’s and was named “Jazz Musician of the Year” and at the International Music Competition in New York and Nashville where Christian received the “Outstanding Soloist Award“.

Christian has shared the stage with performers such as Steve Vai, Scott Holt and Susan McNeil. Christian gives back to the community that has been so supportive of his development as a musician through charity events and fundraisers. “Christian Vegh Rocks the Capital” is a fundraiser with all proceeds going towards local scholarships. Christian has been a “Me to We” speaker/performer, received a grant for a seniors/youth engagement music program ” He wrote a theme song for an anti-addiction youth engagement program winning a spokesperson role and scholarship to Steve Vai’s Song Evolution Summer Program in New York.

He teaches Master Classes, Guitar Clinics and the Blues School Program with the Canada South Blues Society. Christian’s favorite musicians/bands are Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, Guthrie Govan, Allan Holdsworth, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rush, Polyphia and Pink Floyd.

Career highlights – Having Joe Bonamassa tweet about the band at his first performance and getting support from musicians like Alex Lifeson, Dick Wagner, Robin Ford, Steve Morse, Scott Holt and many local musicians. He is known as a humble, dedicated musician and credits his music teachers for inspiring him and changing his life.