THE MICHAEL SCHATTE BAND with special guest TOM LOCKWOOD return to Wallaceburg’s Jeanne Gordon Hall on Saturday, October 15th! 

After more than four years, both the Michael Schatte Band, and special guest Tom Lockwood, are very excited to be returning to the Jeanne Gordon Hall in Wallaceburg, on Saturday October 15th.
Chatham-Kent is home to “one of the best undiscovered songwriters of our time” and a true ” Canadian guitar great”.
Michael Schatte’s latest album, “Conundrum” features 15 stunning new tracks from the singer-songwriter, guitar wizard,  and producer/engineeer.
Calling his unique and original blend of rock, blues, celtic and more “Eclectic Electric Roots Music”, Schatte is quite simply a jaw-dropping electric guitarist, a virtuoso acoustic fingerstylist, a singer with vocals as polished as his picking and a literate and witty songwriter. All of which are featured prominently on the new album, also produced and engineered by Schatte himself.
Conundrum puts Michael’s world class musicianship and unforgettable lyrics on full display. This album exposes lust ready to boil over (Water In The Kettle) and an historic tale of Scottish assassination-by-explosive (Dry Black Powder). It tells of humorous sibling rivalry (Please Don’t Dance With My Brother) and tense sexual rivalry (Genevieve, Daria, The Upper Hand). It is peppered with existential whimsy (Conundrum, In The Cold Hard Here and Now) and searing blues boogie (Longtime Lover, Come On Down). It features blistering Celtic instrumental riffery (Good King Richard) and poetry inspired by the ancients (Bread, Water, Love). And finally, the new record shines a revealing light on our darker human impulses (Silly Old Man, The Candy Aisle, A Mind A Mess).
Conundrum is an artistic tour de force that will richly reward a close listen.
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