North. Shore. Folk…Three words. Three friends that became brothers through their love of music. The irony of the acronym for the band name was not lost on each other and is a constant source of laughs and truth. NSF, just banking on a hit! NSF is from the greater Chatham-Kent area.
Rod Reynolds originally from Ridgetown is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and sound recording enthusiast. Reynolds cut his teeth behind a drum kit in an up and coming local rock entity called Fletcher Munson that enjoyed regional success in the late 90’s. Subsequent bands have included the popular Repertoire and The Mandy Jo Project. Reynolds finds himself playing banjo, percussion and vocals in NSF.
Steve Laevens is a life long Chatham native. Laevens plays lead guitar, mandolin and harmonica. Steve can also be seen in the local up-temp country/rock band Dirt Country playing shows all across Southwestern Ontario.
Brian Cox, vocals and rhythm guitar comes to the band with a country and blues influence. Cox is also part of Chatham band Walkin’ 47 which has been around for over a decade known for raising money for many charities.
North Shore Folk is primarily a three piece act live and during rehearsals. However, the recordings thus far (Hundred Coats of Paint, I Need You) have included the talents of Paul Demars on the bass guitar. Paul also comes from the band Dirt Country and is no stranger to the studio atmosphere.
The Mandy Jo Project, Dirt Country and Walkin’ 47 have all enjoyed performing on Dresden’s Kinstock stage.
Originally formed and based on jamming cover tunes from a varied list of artists such as Blue Rodeo, Eric Clapton, George Jones and Steve Earl, NSF has recently incorporated original music into their set list. NSF is blessed with a prolific songwriter (Reynolds) who also knows his way around a recording studio and the band has set their sights on future song releases. For more information on NSF find and like their Facebook page at