As the pilot project for a national student lunch program nears its end at a local elementary school, organizers are hopeful for future government support.

The pilot project for the “We Are One National Nutritional School Lunch Program” was launched at St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Wallaceburg at the beginning of May.

Principal Stacy Shepley said her school has been conducting daily surveys with parents, students and staff to determine the program’s effectiveness.

“For the short amount of time we had to plan it, I think it’s been going fairly well. I think the feedback has been very positive,” she said. “Hopefully the pilot will give some good information and [become] something we can spread out further than just our school.”

The lunch program has also garnered a great deal of community support, including several food business partners, such as Churrascaria CBH and Grille, The Chilled Cork, Green Heart Kitchen, and Shady Pine Family Restaurant.

While the pilot project is scheduled to come to an end on Friday, Shepley said she is hopeful the program’s success will prompt investment from all levels of government.

“I would love to see it be able to continue. Funding is definitely an issue so [we’re] looking at how to fund this, how to make it feasible,” she said.

“We Are One” organizers are currently in the process of seeking government support for the program, with the hope of providing food to all students across the province.

According to organizers, good nutrition ensures healthy brain development and children who don’t receive a healthy diet have fewer opportunities to succeed.

For more information about the “We Are One National Nutritional School Lunch Program”, click here.