The Gift returns to Chatham-Kent THIS SATURDAY at 12 Noon!

WHAT IS THE GIFT? In its simplest form, The Gift is a gift (anything), toy and food drive with all collected items being distributed to those who need gifts in Chatham-Kent this holiday season.
HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE? Any way you can! From helping plan the whole event to liking one social media post, everyone is trusted to select their role. Everyone’s’ contributions are equal.
  • Become a Community Captain – facilitate volunteers in your community with other community captains
  • Become a Depot Captain – help with distribution of the gifts after collection day
  • Volunteer with collecting items on November 19th
  • Volunteer with sorting following November 19th
  • Spread the message to family, friends and neighbours through sharing social posts, talking about it at family/friend gatherings
  • Leave a gift on your porch on November 19th
  • Donate a gift to the depots
  • Volunteer for one of the many organizations reaching out to help as many people in our community as possible during the holiday season
  • Anything you can think of to make this holiday season more special for everyone. It belongs to you as much as anyone, use the logo, the collective energy or fellow volunteers to do anything you feel called. It’s yours, so no permission is necessary!
  • Others are here to support you if you need advice or help, let your heart guide you, just do it!