Tourism Symposium Coming to CK


Chatham-Kent will be busy in 2020 with two tourism-related conferences happening next spring.

Supervisor of Tourism Development Shannon Paiva with Councillor Trevor Thompson at the 2019 Rural Tourism Symposium.

Shannon Paiva with the Tourism Department says the Rural Tourism Symposium will be held on April 23rd.

“It’s a conference dedicated to stakeholders, so the people that are actually on the ground, our front-line workers who offer tourism within a rural setting,” Paiva explains.

Paiva says it’s will also be an opportunity for tourism professionals to network and share ideas.

“It’s a collection of everybody gathering together to share comments, concerns, opportunities, and interest, and really making rural tourism an educational point that we all have something that’s a bit different.”

While there aren’t any CK-specific numbers, officials say international visitors spent $870-million in rural Ontario tourism in the third quarter of last year.

The Symposium will be happening shortly after the Southwestern Ontario Tourism Corporation Conference, being held in Chatham as well.