A fundraiser to support lost and abandoned animals in Chatham-Kent has exceeded all expectations.

Launched in mid-November the Pet and Wildlife Rescue’s “Under One Roof” campaign sought to raise $10,000.

By the end of December, a total of $41,229 had been donated. 

“We had set our goal at $10,000 and we thought that was achievable,” says Myriam Armstrong, Operations Manager, Pet and Wildlife Rescue (PAW Rescue). “We are humbled by the overwhelming success of this campaign and for the generous support of our community.”  

Proceeds from the campaign will support daily animal care and establish an emergency medical fund for animals brought into the Chatham-Kent Animal Shelter.

Each animal brought to the rescue is seen by an independent veterinarian, but there are cases where medical or surgical care is needed. The emergency medical fund would cover costs associated with urgent medical care for our injured or sick animals.