United Way Finish Line in Sight


With just over a week to go in the 2018 campaign, officials with the United Way are confident they can hit their fundraising target.

Tom Slager, the agency’s Director of Donor Engagement, says they’re raised just over $1.4 million of their $1.559-million.

“Hope nobody takes this the wrong way but this is the point in the year we start to nag, anybody who said ‘yeah, yeah we’ll be there,’ and haven’t yet. We go from email to phone calls to more phone calls, you name it. It’s all for a great cause and we’re so close,” says Slager. “when I left last night we were at 93.9% that works out to $1,436,486.”

The funding will be divided between 20 programs and services, helping more than 40,000 people in the Chatham-Kent.

The campaign wraps up with the Touchdown celebration on January 17th.