United Way Hits Goal




It was close, but the United Way of Chatham-Kent managed to meet their 2014 campaign goal of $1.9-million.

In fact, they surpassed it by $14,000.

The announcement was made at the Jazzbah Friday afternoon.  Campaign Co-Chair Dean Muharrem says the long campaign was well worth the effort.

“We had a team in place by May and the kick off was in September. So I think that was part of the reason we hit the million dollars real quick, because of the ground work we did early,” says Muharrem. “It was all about that, the team out there. We were the faces, we were at the fore front. But it was all the guys that we brought that really brought us to where we were.”

The 2013 campaign fell $350,000 short of the goal, raising $1.85-million.