With Omicron cases surging and ridership numbers dropping, VIA Rai is temporarily cutting some of its trains in southwestern Ontario.

Three of the five trains that run between Windsor, London and Toronto will be eliminated as of January 19th due to reduced demand. 

The two remaining trains from Chatham heading east depart at 9:33am and 2:31pm, westbound trains will run at 3:39pm and 9:04pm.  

“This temporary service reduction in the Corridor has been carefully planned in order to continue to provide essential intercity service on all routes,” the company states in a news release. “As we continue to closely monitor the evolution of the pandemic, VIA Rail is ensuring that we can offer our customers options for essential travel in all regions of the country.”

VIA Rail Business class will be temporarily suspended, and business lounges are closed until further notice.

For a full list of changes, visit VIA Rail’s website.