Wallaceburg McD’s Manager Wins Top Award


High praise for the manager of Wallaceburg’s McDonald’s Restaurant.

Melisa Dekort has been named a 2019 Outstanding Manager of the Year.

“It is an honor to be receiving this award that recognizes my effort to make McDonald’s an incredible place to work and eat,” said Dekort. “Together with my crew, we are dedicated to the McDonald’s vision and our involvement within the community, making me a proud leader to this excellent team.”

The award is handed out based on recommendations from franchisees and regional managers across the country.

Dekort has been working for McDonalds for 27 years, and franchisee Wade Crosby says she shows strong leadership skills, strategic business acumen, and an unrivaled work ethic.

“This award is our way of thanking Melisa for her ongoing efforts to grow and improve our engagement with both employees and guests,” Crosby says.