Wallaceburg’s AarKel Helping Produce Ventilators


A local Wallaceburg company is stepping into the fight against COVID-19.

AarKel Tool & Dye Group is doing their part to help supply front-line workers across Canada with the tools they need.

President and CEO Larry DeLaey says AarKel is moving immediately to produce moulds for ventilators.

“We’re designing and building the oxygen accumulators inside the ventilators,” says DeLaey. “And some of the valves and washers that go around them as well as an outer filter that we’re building the mechanisms for. These are the components that are inside the ventilators.”

DeLaey says everyone was on board to step up to the plate.

“It didn’t take much discussion at all. Everybody stepped up. The decision was very easy. Kudos to all of the employees who are really making this happen,” adds DeLaey. “We love being a part of Wallaceburg and we just want to get this past us.”

DeLaey also wants the community to knows AarKel has adopted strict safety and social distancing measures while trying to produce these parts in record time.

The AarKel group also includes Nova Trim in Wallaceburg, as well as Platinum Tool Technologies in Windsor, India and Mexico.