20170815_185226Water Wells First is seeking the resignation of two local government officials,

Spokesperson Kevin Jakubec made the comments at the activist group’s public meeting last night.

“I can see that the room tonight was definitely in the mood for calling for the resignation of the Mayor, and Chief Legal Officer John Norton”, says Jakubec.

He says this is because there is a disconnect between the issue and interest from the Mayor, the Municipality, and Chatham-Kent Councillors.

This comes after the group accessed a letter between Mayor Randy Hope and former Minister of Environment Glen Murray. Water Wells First says Hope should have forwarded them the letter after he received it.

Water Wells First has also set their sights on Chief Legal Officer John Norton, who they say directed a Pattern Energy official to release misleading statements about the quality of a Brook Line family’s well water two weeks ago.

They obtained an e-mail thread between Norton, members of Council, CK Mayor Randy Hope, and Pattern Energy representatives, and they say Norton asked Pattern to release these statements.

Water Wells First is planning on filing complaints with the Ombudsman, as they believe Mayor Randy Hope and the Municipality have a conflict of interest with the wind turbines and water wells, after they made an $8 million investment in the North Kent Wind 1 Project earlier this year.

The activist group is planning a protest at wind turbine construction sites this week.

This is part of their non-violent civil disobedience against wind turbine projects in Chatham-Kent, and their potential impact on area water wells.

To date, the group says 5 wells in the North Kent Wind 1 project area have been impacted.

The group invited Hope to the meeting, but he was not in attendance. Nearly 100 concerned residents were at last night’s meeting.