Weekend Crashes Highlight Safety Concerns


It was another tough weekend on the 401 with accidents all over what they call Carnage Alley.

It’s just more ammunition for the local group trying to convince the government to build a concrete barrier wall between the east and westbound lanes.

As Alysson Storey, founder of Build the Barrier says, it’s the only section of the 401 that has narrow medians and no barrier.

“If it wasn’t such a serious subject, it would be ridiculous. We’re averaging about one collision and full highway closure every six to seven days now and that’s just not acceptable.”

She says it makes in tougher after the cabinet shuffle to be dealing with a new minister in Caroline Mulroney, but they will stay the course.

“So we’re going to be working to get her up to speed, ideally in the next couple of because they’re in their home ridings now, so I’m hoping to get up to Toronto to meet with her.”

Storey says although concrete median barriers were included in highway upgrades announced in the provincial budget, she won’t believe it until she sees shovels in the ground.

Meantime, Elgin OPP say charges are pending after a collision involving two transports near Iona Road late Friday afternoon that shut down the eastbound lanes for close to nine hours.

The driver and passenger of one of the rigs were taken to hospital in serious condition. Authorities say they have both now been upgraded to stable.