Widening Highway 3


A provincial promise to widen a section of Highway 3 is one step closer to reality. However, it won’t happen right away.

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Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney was in Leamington this morning to announce plans to widen Highway 3 between the town of Essex and Leamington from two lanes to four.

The work isn’t expected to begin, though, until 2021.

“Widening and improving safety on Highway 3 is a priority for this government,” says Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “From day one we have been committed to improving road safety and making life easier for families and businesses by delivering on transportation projects in every corner of the province.”

Over 17,000 vehicles travel Highway 3 between Essex and Leamington each day.

Along with making the busy roadway safer for travellers, provincial officials say it will also encourage business development and create jobs by reducing congestion.