Local Spotlight

Local Spotlight – Stephanie McIlroy

Listen weekday afternoons at 3:40 all this week as Jay & Chris profile Stephanie McIlroy on the Local Spotlight.

Singing since the age of five, Stephanie McIlroy has always had a desire to pour out her heart to audiences. Stephanie recently finished her debut CD "Life Is Not An Act" and is seeing success with her first two singles "Forever" and "Forgiven", both of which can be heard on XS airwaves.

A finalist for 2010 Local Spotlight Artist of the Year, Steph's work continues to evolve in 2011.


Local Spotlight- Superfly

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Superfly is a local great band from Chatham Ontario, and consists of band members: Justin McMath, Nicky Novosad, Steve Walker, Nick Sennema, Byron Harrett, Matt Brunke, and Danny Shaw.


Local Spotlight – Whiskey Rain

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Whiskey Rain (formerly known as The Whiskey River Band) is based out of Sarnia, Ontario. Formed in the mid '90s when new country was on the rise, the band quickly gained popularity for their high energy shows and crowd pleasing antics.

Local Spotlight – Objective Unknown

Listen in all this week for Objective Unknown on the Local Spotlight - weekdays at 3:40 PM with Jay & Chris!

Objective Unknown is a relatively new (and young!) rock and roll band from Chatham. The founding members Cole Mills, Dane Appleton and Daryn Trainor began to cover songs in March 2009. Hudson Cattoor has been added as the band's new drummer and the guys feel they've hit a groove with their original tunes.

Suisham Takes Over The XS Community!

The big game fever has hit the XS Community! Shaun Suisham memoribilia, jerseys, t-shirts and window decorations are everywhere you look right now and for good reason!

Wallaceburg's favourite son is about to land on the sports world's biggest stage! Thanks to the staff and management of Duchene Paint Accent Alley for their support and for opening their place of business for everyone locally to share in support of Shaun!

Local Spotlight – Rosa Loess

A native of Guelph, Rosa Loess' music flourishes through experience. Its realism hints at a deepness in the melodic spectrum of her wordplay - and she's showcasing it all this Saturday at The Black Box Theatre in Chatham.

Originality of expression and a profound propensity to be moved by life allow for meaningful creations to flow from her lips. Rosa's influences come from a broad range of genres. Although jazz is a clear one in many songs of hers, there is also indie rock, and blues, classical, punk, and just a general love of good music that fuels her pieces.

Local Spotlight – Jade Lester

Listen weekday afternoons at 3:40 all this week as Jay and Chris profile Chatham's own Jade Lester on the Local Spotlight!

There comes a time in every talented artist’s life when a larger stage beckons. The future is now for one of the area's most talented performers!

Local Spotlight – Diesel Dog

Listen in all week at 3:40 during WEEKDAZE with JAY & C-P as we feature Diesel Dog on the XS Local Spotlight!

Norfolk County's Diesel Dog has been picking up steam in recent years but have been a local favourite for the better part of 15 years, playing 1,000 local shows!

Versatility is the key for Diesel Dog, who are playing at Chatham's Black Box Theatre this Saturday, January 22. Doors open at 8 PM.

Local Spotlight – Murray Williams

Murray has been on the country music scene since the early 80s.

Over the years he has shared the stage with many well known country artists such as Thomas Wade, The Good Brothers, Crystal Gage, Terry Sumsion and The Wilkinsons

The past few years have been busy for this unique country artist. His music has been featured on several radio stations throughout the world.